HAPPY TAX DAY! Your Podcast Can Be A Tax Write-Off

Ok, there isn’t an IRS-recognized “podcast” expense, but there are, however, marketing expenses and podcasts are used for marketing. See what we did there?

Now, let me first begin by saying that I, nor anyone else at NJ Podcast Guys, is/are tax attorneys or accountants. So, do your own homework. But, we’re pretty sure that if you are using our services for the podcast that you are doing to propagate your company’s message, then you could AT LEAST make a good argument that you can write us off as a marketing expense.

Again, not we’re experts in taxes. Just podcasts.

Now let’s suppose you are a hobbyist-podcaster, but you have a sponsor or two. Well, you can write-off our cost against the income from the sponsor. At least, we¬†think that’s how it goes. Only your accountant or tax laywer would be able to answer that question. SO TALK TO ONE OF THEM!

NEVER look to us for tax advice. DEFINITELY talk to us for podcasting advice.

What’s our point in writing this if you shouldn’t take our advice on taxes? Our point is to say that if you’re considering doing a podcast, then you probably should, however, if you’re someone who needs a little push or doesn’t know where to start, we want you to know that we are here to HELP YOU make your podcast a reality. We just won’t go near doing your taxes.


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