The Power of Human Voice

Our voice is  the most powerful and emotive tool we have as humans.  Whether we aim to inspire, motivate, energize, or educate, the human voice is unrivaled in its capacity to communicate a message, and arouse emotion.

In August of 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. changed the course of history in the U.S. with his awe inspiring “I Have a Dream” speech.  People were moved not just by the words he was speaking, but how the words were being delivered.  In July of 1969 we listened to Neil Armstrong, as he spoke the first words from outer space.  These moments impacted history,  and moved people to do great things. They were driven by the power of the human voice.

Today, human interaction is being overrun by Social Media, with sentiments being imparted in under 140 characters, and pithy 3 letter acronyms.  Technology has allowed us to stop talking to each other, but merely shoot someone a text, or forward a funny meme.

The podcast, however, allows us to unleash the power of our voice again.  The Podcast gives us the medium to allow our message to be broadcast, using our own voice, to millions of people, on demand.  Let’s not forget the best part: ANYONE CAN DO IT!  The Podcast doesn’t require an FCC license, or a radio station, or expensive airtime on local TV. Best of all it helps to make a real human connection to your audience from great distances.

With a little know how, a small investment in equipment, and some time, you can let your voice be heard and we at the New Jersey Podcast Guys can help you do that! Contact us today!

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