Meet The Guys

Matt Callery and Peter Bonfanti are everyday people who grew up with a fascination and passion for talk radio. As early as high school, long before the word “podcast” has entered our lexicon, Matt created and produced his own show, which was a free-form, Howard Stern-esque show. Being that there was no school radio station, Matt decided he could slap together some equipment and record live shows at his home with his friend. He would then make 20 copies of the show over the weekend and sell them in the halls at school on Monday. Much to his surprise, people bought them and would ask when the next show was coming out. He often jokes that he “invented the podcast”.

College came and Matt and Pete went along their respective paths for a few years. It wasn’t until 8 years later, when Matt moved to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and started a new show, The Matt Cockburn Show. After reading an article in a local paper about a husband and wife who produced their own show with much success, Matt contacted them and asked if they would produce his show. They agreed and for two years the show went on with a cast of 6 and modest success.

Matt Callery

The Matt Cockburn Show spawned two fan-created podcasts about popular TV shows at the time: LOST and Modern Family. With the help of friends Mark and Heather, LOST: No Time To Explain started late in the tenure of LOST (analyzing only the final season), but was ranked respectably in the top 150 on iTunes out of Lost-based podcasts. Not bad, considering there were 10,000+ shows about LOST.

Matt, Pete, Mark and Heather had their first hit show with Modern Family: After Party starting with the second season of the TV show. But, life ended up interfering with that show’s continuation in the way of babies and mortgages. To this day, the outdated shows receive tens of thousands of downloads a month.

Peter Bonfanti

A few years went by and Matt and Pete were feeling the itch to do another show. This time they would return to their wheelhouse and build a free-form show. Since they were at an age when they were no longer feeling young and relevant, they coped with that feeling by “checking out” of following the news, politics and pop culture. So, they called the show Checked Out with Matt and Pete. It started small, with just Matt, Pete and a producer, but, eventually, grew to a cast of four.

After a year of Checked Out, Matt approached “The Old Man Club” about teaming up with each other to produce a podcast linked to the club. The OMC Show found a loyal following, but ended when the club changed its business model.

It was around this time when Matt seized an opportunity and convinced a client he shot a video for that he should get into podcasting to promote his business. The client had already been thinking about doing that, but did not know how. So the idea lay dormant until he met Matt.

From that one client, more clients came asking Matt and Pete to produce shows for them. Thus, the New Jersey Podcast Guys, were born.


Matt and Pete have beliefs that they feel help to make them rise above other podcast producers.

  1. They are impressed by average people doing extraordinary things
  2. They learned technology in order to produce shows themselves and not have to rely on others. They’re showman first, so they can help their clients get into the right mindset to put on a show, rather than ramble on into a microphone for thirty minutes.
  3. They know how to talk, which helps put the client at ease come show time. Even as teenagers when their peers were running around partying, Matt, Pete and their group of friends were much more content sitting at a diner or at a park all night just talking and improvising routines.
  4. They firmly believe that “there’s always something to be said”. No matter who you are or what you do, there’s an interesting angle to be found in the way you present it to the public. Matt and Pete will help you find it.
  5. Most  importantly, Matt and Pete don’t simply record and edit your show. They have a vested interest in your show sounding great, delivering great content and spreading far and wide. That’s why they have teamed up with social media marketers to help your show succeed! (see “Services” page).